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The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy Unveils Plan to Establish Headache Centers of Excellence within the Indian Health Service at its 15th Annual Headache on Hill Advocacy Day to Address Health Care Disparities Within Indigenous Communities

(Washington, DC) February 15, 2022. The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (ADHA) unveiled a plan to improve health care access for the American Indian/Native Alaskan (AI/AN) communities at its 15th Annual Headache on the Hill Advocacy Day on Tuesday. The plan,...

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Quick Facts

  • Headache disorders cause more than 1 percent of all disability and 9 percent of all lost labor in the US every year.
  • Migraine is the #1 cause of US neurological disability, and #10 cause of all US disability.
  • Headache disorders are the most prevalent neurological disorders, affecting more than 90% of all Americans.
  • The US annual direct and indirect economic costs of headache disorders exceed $31 billion.
  • NIH funding for all research on headache disorders was < 0.07% of the 2016 NIH budget ($24M)

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Todd J. Schwedt, MD, MSCI, and Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PhD, wrote “Funding of Research on Headache Disorders by the National Institutes of Health.” This article was published in Headache. Download a copy here.