Eileen Brewer

Administrative Manager

Eileen is an event coordinator and advocates for those living with headache diseases. It was her event experience that brought her to Clusterbusters as the conference coordinator, but she later joined the board. She is passionate about serving this inspirational community. In addition to Clusterbusters, Eileen is the Board Secretary for the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, sits on the National Headache Foundation’s Patient Leadership Council, contracts with Chronic Migraine Awareness, volunteers with NDPH Aware, and is a moderator for Move Against Migraine. As a wife and mother of two, Mrs. Brewer balances her life in the headache community with various personal commitments, including sitting as the Vice President of the local PTA, leading a Girl Scout troop, and managing several real estate investment properties. Eileen has devoted herself over the years to many volunteer opportunities including local and national political initiatives, and event planning and advocacy for local charities